History of Apollon Manufacturing Factory:

A new era of collective effort in the Third Millennium, based on the principles of cooperation, partnership and convergence to be present on a global scale, will provide valuable opportunities for our country’s growth and excellence in this challenging path of national capabilities. One of the challenges is the issue of quality in manufacturing products in the manufacturing sector (samovar), given the scope of consumption and the effects of its application in other industries. In the current context of free trade, the standardization of activities and processes should be considered. In the meantime, the survival of our organization will depend on providing the right products with the limited resources, assistance and cooperation of all our staff and suppliers.
Apollon Industrial Manufacturing Plant was registered under the number 2/5 in the Tehran Companies Registry with initial capital of 6.2 Riyals under the name of Burner and started under the license of Apollon No. 5 on 5/7. Has been active.
The subject of factory activity according to the statute is the production (assembly) of various types of gas-electric-gas-generators. In addition to delegating or concluding dealings and related parts as well as parts required by the production line and internally manufactured dealers and parts as well as performing financial and industrial transactions (direct or indirect) related to any of the matters contained in the workshop objectives. Predicted.
The plant needs flexibility in its systems to respond to constant changes in customer attitudes toward acceptable products. Therefore, from this perspective, designing, deploying, implementing and improving the quality management system is considered as a strategic goal.
On the other hand, using the experiences and experiences of managers, experts and other employees, and creating hardware and software facilities worth seeking to offer a variety of products. Apollon Industrial Factory was established in the year 6 and has been able to offer good samovar products with its ups and downs. At present, according to the organizational structure adopted to enable the creation of new activities from the expertise of different individuals and legal entities in the form of various consultants.

In this regard, our organization has achieved the following positions during its working years as follows:
2 – Obtain the standard mark of an electric samovar in year 2.
3 – Receive ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate in Quality Management in year 3, which is the first holder of this position in the samovar industry.
Participate in 5 home appliance fairs and get top positions at these fairs.
2- Receiving ISO 9001: 2008 certification in the field of quality management which we achieved in year 3. (The first holder in the samovar industry)
1- The first holder of international certification ISO10002: 2004 (customer satisfaction) in the samovar industry and also the first holder of international certification
    ISO 10004: 2010 (Customer Satisfaction) in the Samovarization Industry, which we achieved on February 1.
1- Holder of International Certificates ISO18001; ISO14001 and European CE Certificate in Samovar Industry, which we have won in 7 years.

Quality Policy
The workshop has formulated its quality policy in line with the products manufactured and compatible with the quality objectives, the commitment to meet the standard requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system as follows.

Quality policy of Apollo Industrial Workshop
Apollon Industrial Group, announcing the ISO 9001: 2008 standard to enhance the quality of its after-sales products and services and continually improve its operations, announces the following policy outline:
* Appropriate and up-to-date human resources training.
* Continuity and continuity of production activities.
* Employee loyalty to the organization through attention to motivational issues.
* Necessity of staff participation in the establishment and continuous improvement of ISO 9001: 2008 system.
* Extend productivity and diversify products.
Customer-centered attitude throughout the organization.

We hope to see more quantitative and qualitative expansion in the near future.
The main members of the plant management team are as follows:
Factory Manager: Abbas Yousefzadeh.
Management Representative: Mehdi Yousefzadeh.
Quality Control Manager: Mohammad Yousefzadeh.
                                                                                                                                        All our efforts are for your satisfaction.
                                                                                                                                         Apollo Samovar Industrial Group.